Bad Jokes Friday - I warned you!

in humor •  4 months ago 

It's Friday, might as well have a couple of laughs!!!

What would you call it if everyone in Australia drove a pink car?

  • A pink carnation!

What did one plate say to the other plate?

  • Lunch is on me!

Why did the fish cross the atlantic ocean?

  • To get to the other tide!

Source: Although there are lots of bad jokes out there, I got all of these from:

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Haha lol :-)

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Life needs more humor....going to try to post one of these every Friday!
Thanks for stopping by for a laugh!

Life sure does need more humor please post some more :)

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Just stopping by, and laughing at your silly say welcome to eSteem! Glad you are here!

Thanks for the welcome! I hope to put a post out like this every Friday...we all need a laugh now and then!

Laughs are always good! I'll look forward to it!

ha! howdy sir simms50! I like bad jokes so I like Bad Joke Friday! I think they're funny, the cornier they are the better. lol.

Thanks @janton ....I'll try to come up with some really corny ones for next Friday! :-D

haha! hey by Friday I'll laugh at anything!