Sarah Sanders Claims God Wanted Trump to Be President

in humor •  23 days ago

Sarah Sanders.jpg
Sarah Sanders Claims God Wanted Trump to Be President: While being interviewed by the Christian Broadcasting Network, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the claim that “God wanted Donald Trump to become president, which is why he won the election.”

Really? You mean to tell me that it was God who oversaw that Trump got elected? This brings so many questions to mind, like is God even a registered voter? Because if he isn’t, wouldn’t that be voter fraud? And does that mean that God may have colluded with Putin and the Russians? Oh, Lord have mercy!

And then why is it God’s been sending so many of Trump’s pals and inner circle to federal prison? I mean, if God’s really on “Team Trump,” what the hell could he have been thinking during the midterms? Did God even bother to check out the election results?

Of course, I know members of the Trump cult are gonna say “look, if God didn’t really love Donald Trump, why would he have set him up with all those smoking hot porn stars and Playboy bunnies?” Which kind of makes sense, but it also begs the question - which one of Trump's three marriages was God's personal favorite?

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