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RE: Marlon Brando Would Sex Up Anybody, Including Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye and US Mailboxes

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I'm trying to help fellow improvisers and comedians get on steemit. If we use the improv principles of taking care of each other, we can all have a nice successful future on steemit. If you are ever interested in helping some homies back in Chicago and LA, let me know. I have a couple accounts here parked to help down the road, @Improv-Trail and @ImprovCoin. I think I have you added to a Facebook group called ImprovCoin. And there's a great group of Improv/StandUp/HipHop Artists called #BelovedGang that Im courting to steemit. One of my recent posts is about their Thursday Radio Show. I shared a post of yours with them. It helps when it isn't just Jake from The Reckoning talking, but David Freaking Pompeii!


Ha ha, well keep telling everybody how great I am. I won't stop you. I'm so new at Steemit, not sure how to direct message you, let alone recruit others to the platform. But I do love what you're thinking. Seems like there is a golden opportunity here. We should talk asap. Message me, but not tonite, I've had a little wine. Okay, more than a little.

Party on Dave. Party on. Just planting the seeds for the sweet buds down the road. We'll take it one step at a time. Stay Legend.

bring him to the community lol i want to talk him too as friend.

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