Super expensive fried chicken

in humor •  3 months ago


Here’s my bill for three fried chicken thighs. What do you think?! Should I pay?!!


What a rare fluke but nonetheless entertaining! And as always, until we meet again, have a wonderful day.


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At first glance you see the obvious error, but in general, this is still expensive. Here in Oklahoma, fried chicken costs an average of $1.00 per piece (legs, thighs, and wings). A breast piece would be slightly higher.


Yeah! I’m playing tourist in Maui. Over price is expected. Aloha @doctorjohn!!!

@islandliving 93 that's a lot of THIGH.............


LOL, did she think I really need all that crispy crunchy fatty chicken thighs?!!! Aloha @stokjockey!