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Funny English Jokes For 1 Steem @Rentmoney

Fun or funny?

‘Fun’ as an adjective means enjoyable and entertaining:
‘Parties are fun.’
‘Fishing is fun.’

‘Fun’ can also be a noun, meaning amusement or pleasure:
‘Let the fun begin.’
‘The most fun I ever had was the ski trip last year.’

The adjective ‘funny’ describes something that makes you laugh or smile:
‘His jokes are not funny.’
‘She always does something funny on the show.’

‘Funny’ can also be used to mean that something is unusual or strange:
‘There’s a funny smell in here.’
‘There’s something funny about the way she looks at me, is she angry?’

Use ‘fun’ in the following examples:

  1. Fun – adjective.
  2. Fun – noun.
  3. Funny – adjective: to describe something that makes you laugh or smile.
  4. Funny – adjective: something is unusual or peculiar.

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