Episode 891

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Full Metal Ox Day 826
Renaissance Year Episode 891

Sunday Melánge 73

Today's Rant-Cast is so epic it must be split into two parts. Tomorrow, (next episode) will be part two.
There are at least two levels, (maybe more) to my thinking. Everything I've learned before my Renaissance, most of which I consider lies or at the very least, false information which was believed by those who taught me, and the post-renaissance information which is coming from unknown, (unknown to me personally) researchers and presenters.
In yesterday's episode there's a clip in which the narrator states that "truth has frequency". Which is why we can hear or intake information that aligns with our own frequency and we believe it. This is why I feel the way that I do about terrain theory. However with terrain theory I can put that into practice and measure the results. Not so with other theories such as Alien Intervention Theory.
Today's Rant-Cast has to do with taking advice that is often made flippantly. It will help you if your frequency aligns.
Happy Sunday. #humanityforthewin

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