The Celebrity Clone Syndicate | Part One: Kanye West.

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Britney Spears during a malfunction, cloned shortly after.

One problem with the cloning process is, everytime you make a copy, something changes. Scan a document and there will be alterations, slight but visibly there.

Pop stars do not arise from the æther. They are part of a huge industrial, corporate mega machine - this is what I shall term the Celebrity Clone Syndicate (CCS for short). Super-Stars are “manufactured”.

The primary incentive for the manufacturer is a huge revenue stream. But there is another advantage - to spread an ideology either subliminally, via the music, or deliberately such as Lady Gaga's view “being gay is the best thing in the world”. The celebrity will spout a view the manufacturer wants broadcasted. They’re an amazing mouthpiece because everyone is listening.

Although the cloning process is not without cost.

Take the example of Kanye West (who has been cloned several times). Its clear the subject has displayed clone behavior, breaking apart psychologically towards the end of his current lifespan. Saying strange things is a sign of the clone degenerating. Speaking to Marie Claire magazine in the UK, Kanye said "I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books." Firstly a book can't give an autograph, the author does this, and secondly why would you be proud not to read books? That sounds like clone talk to me.

After Kanye had a malfunction during a concert, Snoop Dogg called Kanye a "weird motherfucker" and asked the reasonable question; “What the fuck is he on?" The truth is Kanye isn't on anything Snoop, he’s a clone.

Some possible visual evidence for this claim via a dramatic change of appearance:

A recent clone not yet ready to be revealed to the public.

Kanye being assimilated into the massive and powerful Kardashian Clone Syndicate.

Any early prototype gone wrong or an escapee?Edit: Upon closer inspection this photo may have been photoshoped but is still interesting. Pay close attention to the expression of deep sadness. This clone may know he is a clone.

So why clone a celebrity in the first place?

Because they start to become too powerful, demanding, and start taking money away from the syndicate. Also they may find out the truth as they have access to the Illuminati.

After you've created a clone it will have a number of genetic abnormalities. This is why you have to clone the clone after it dies or gets terminated, at least, if you want to continue the racket. They have a short shelf life. ( see here: This subject is also explored in the 2009 film Moon.

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The sad thing about this post, is how true it is. Not every celeb is a clone, but they all become clonable, don't they? (and most are clones)

The clone degeneration is also 100% true, the higher they rise, the farther down and faster they degenerate. Just like robots, except robots you can always "cold restart" and reset.


I'm not sure how true it is - its just an theory at this stage - needs some hard evidence before I can say how accurate it is. Thanks for reading :)


We read into it, what we wanted, and in that respect it was a perfect article regardless of whether you were actually serious or not. If it isn't true in the literal sense, it's true in the non-literal sense-- good enough for us as we can go either way when we read.


"the perfect article"