Analysis of human personality

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Analysis of human personality


Personality is defined as a set of characteristics that characterize each person from others. They are usually shown by the person's behavior, tone of voice, manner of speech, and reactions. Thus, people around the person make an impression of his personality according to these things, but there is There are many other things in which to know and analyze the personality of man, which are usually movements of the person spontaneously and spontaneously, and in this article we will show you how to analyze the personality of the human.

Analysis of human personality through the method of sleep

Sleeping on the Tummy

The person who sleeps on his stomach is a character who never gives up things and things that she easily possesses. She prefers death to preserve them. She also tends to force other people to believe and believe everything she says, even if it is not true or false. The owner of this character knows his selfishness.

Sleep on the left side

The person who sleeps in this position is usually someone who is very attached to his past, is very jealous, tends to take revenge when someone hurts him, and is ready to do anything to achieve his or her personal goals. , And to get rid of that feeling, they tend to torture themselves and exhaustion.

Sleep on the right side

People who sleep in this position have a very sensitive and emotional personality. They love and work well. They do not like postponing today's work for tomorrow. They are also distinguished by taking initiatives and self-decisions to achieve themselves and develop themselves.

Sleeping on the back with hands on the abdomen

The owner of this situation suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, because he does not accept changes in his life easily, but he is a tolerant person, he likes to do many voluntary work to help others, and he believes very much that the vulva comes after hardship.

Sleep on the back with your hands open to the side of the head

The owner of the situation likes the challenge, likes to live freely without restrictions in his life, and is a person who likes to gossip, gossip and talk about other people badly, as well as a personality who loves shopping and takes life spontaneously and simply.

Sleep on the back with the hands behind the head

This situation indicates that the owner is intelligent and has enough enthusiasm to learn a lot of new things, especially with regard to knowledge and science, and that the owner of this situation loves family life very much, as he does not think of separation or divorce never if it is associated with a relationship.

Sleep on one side with both legs kept and hands folded

This situation is similar to that of the fetus in the mother's womb. It is usually a personality that prefers isolation and loneliness. It is a cautious personality in its behavior and in dealing with others. It does not trust them easily. It also relies on itself to solve its problems without resorting to others and asking for help.

Sleep on one side with your hands under one cheek

The owner of this situation is a nervous and angry person. He can fight others for long periods of time. He does not always admit his mistakes, and he loves career mobility.

Analyze the human personality through his favorite color

  • Red : People who love red are known to be aggressive, aggressive and moody, and express their feelings quickly. Most of the fans are sportsmen.
  • Orange : Lovers of this color have great ability to make friends, and they are generally loved, because of their lasting smile, good nature, and ability to create dialogues in style.
  • Yellow : People who love this color have smart, mature minds, and are always striving for perfection, but they are bold, not easily shy.
  • Green : Lovers of this color refuse to change, preferring balance and persistence, and they are also rational, persevering and wise. They also love freedom and social relations.
  • Blue : The lovers of this color love the arrangement and elegance, and they love the simple life and quiet atmosphere, in addition they are serious, and this may make them two in their lives, but do not have the ability to mental distinctive, and this is one of the most negative aspects of their personality.
  • Pink : The lovers of this color affection and tenderness and conviction, but they are characterized sometimes naive and unwilling to resist the difficulties of life, it is worth mentioning that the color is divided into two categories, the first people who grew up in a very far from danger, the second category are people who are old and trying Restore the innocence of their childhood.
  • Brown : Lovers of this color are stubborn and persistent in their way of life, and they think well before doing anything in their lives, but they are often profiting from others, where they rarely tend to give.

By: Esraa Abdelkader


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My favorite color is yellow and brown :)

This is an opportunity to explore the depths of our personality

I am the person who sleep on the right side but in real I sleep on the other side :D

This is an opportunity to explore the depths of our personality

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Syphilis? Was that a typo?

Thanks for your note. The color is Pink

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