MPU Pidie Asks School Principal Arrested with his Representative at the Banda Aceh Flogged Hotel in Blang Padang

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@mfirdos "The Ulema Consultative Council (MPU) Pidie asked the headmaster of a high school (SMA) to be flogged in Blang Padang, Banda Aceh.
The headmaster of the secondary school was a woman who was arrested together with the deputy headmaster by the WH and Satpol-PP in a hotel room in the TP Polem Peunayong area, Kuta Alam District, Banda Aceh, Sunday (10/27).
"We propose that the school principal be flogged in Blang Padang, so that it will be witnessed by many people. So it will be a lesson for others and principals," explained Deputy MPU Pidie, Drs Tgk H Ilyas Abdullah,
He explained, the actions of the high school principal along with his representatives had tarnished the world of education in Aceh. Both of them as educators have given good examples to their students.
"We hope that the Aceh Jaya Regent proposes the head of the secondary school and his deputy to be fired from the civil servants."
said Tgk Ilyas.

The arrested school principal has an initial AW (43) and a male representative with an initial HO (35). In the raid, AW's husband joined the WH and Satpol PP Banda Aceh members.

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