The Advent of the Revolutionary Payment System Platform: The HubrisOne Platform

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HubrisOne platform is a revolutionary platform that aims toward the bending of traditional banking into cryptocurrencies. This in no doubt will increase the rate at which business firms, corporate bodies and individuals will accept cryptocurrencies as their mode of payment.

The downward trend in the rate of cryptocurrency adoption we all have been experiencing recently is as a result of the highly volatile nature of all cryptocurrencies which has discouraged quite a large number of people from accepting them as their payment mode because they’re scared of losing the value of their funds.

Also, this platform recognises the issues being faced by traditional banking such as difficulty in international money transfers, high transaction rate during international transfers which can be as high as 20% of funds to be transferred and many other constraints but the truth about the whole payment industry is that most blockchain projects that have tried initiating payment system fully powered by cryptocurrencies refuse to admit the fact that cryptocurrencies are too volatile to be fully dependent on without the intervention of conventional fiat payment and this has been the main reason why most of these cryptocurrencies refuse to get adopted by the masses.

However, HubrisOne platform is here to create a whole new approach to all of these by providing a platform which incorporates traditional banking into cryptocurrencies.

The platform intends to make this possible by developing HubrisOne application which comes with a cryptocurrency wallet and also HubrisOne bank account which all users can sign up for when they download the application.

The application also comes with an integrated cryptocurrency exchange which means that users can easily convert their cryptocurrency into other currencies and also fiat which can be readily transferred into their banks account created on the platform.

Also on HubrisOne platform, users will have the opportunity of accessing an online marketplace which buying and selling of goods and services can be done using cryptocurrencies.

Find out more information about the amazing features of this platform by checking the links below;

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