1.5 Million HTML coins purchased at 1 Satoshi! Cant Lose surely?

in htmlcoin •  2 years ago 

Recently i became aware that HTMLcoin is undergoing some massive changes. This once long dead coin may be seeing a ressurection and consequently a price hike... (i say dead, it has been stuck at 1 satoshi for a long time)


Basically the website htmlcoin.com is set to relaunch on Saturday the 26th August and the current existing coins are due to swap to the more advanced coin. Now not much is known about the future of htmlcoin but at 1 Satoshi i cant be wrong in thinking the only way is up. So i decided to take a minuscule plunge and get some... So i invested $65 and got ahold of 1,500,000 coins. Already i have more than doubled my money (as of writing this they are priced at 3 Satoshi) but im going to hodl and see where it goes over the next few months after the split!

If 1 coin raises to just 100 satoshi i will have 1.5 BTC from my $65 investment...

Is anyone thinking of getting on board and seeing where this can go? Will we finally see htmlcoin rise from the depths, and what does the future hold!

The On-exchange Swap Of Htmlcoins approaches rapidly. Set for late September, or when 75% of all Htmlcoin currently in existence has been deposited. This swap will bring major updates to Htmlcoin code that I shall describe in detail below. These updates will bring dramatic improvements to the blockchain’s functionality.

Check out the image below for some of the planned updates when the swap happens!

All coins currently residing on the exchanges will automatically be swapped.

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you making money brah

Ethereum as same updated view in htmlcoin

I thought the same when i got some ember coins a while back at 1 2 and 3 satoshis - now it is at 6. bummed i missed your post back when you posted it - i will follow you too keep track of what is going on. Thank you.

Nice one