Make a Beer Bottle Indoor Hydroponics Grow Pot

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YO dawgs!

Like drinking beer and growing food? Well hawt damn! I have something neat you can try.

Step 1 Get a glass cutter

I found this duder on amazon for a good price.......

Cutting fluid may help with your results, I bought this along with the glass cutter.

Drip a little oil at the edge of the cutter.

Step 2 Cut your bottle
Place your beer bottle on the guide and adjust the position to where you would like to make your cut. Rotate the bottle toward you while applying pressure. Since glass is a hard brittle material it will propagate this cut with a rapid change in temperature.

Step 3 Use rapid temperature change to shock the glass and propagate your cut
Get a pot of water boiling and set up another vessel with cold water.


Move the bottle between the boiling and cold water.
I had success by rotating the bottle quickly in the boiling water and keeping it in the boiling water for a longer time. 3mins hot then 30seconds cold and right back into the boiling water for 3mins while rotating the bottle.
It may not always work out :(
Try some different variables i.e. deeper cut, and different times between hot/cold.
Write down what worked the best and go from there :)

Step 4 Invert the top of the bottle to be the basket for your grow media
Use a media like hydroton which are expanded clay pellets.
Hydroton is an inexpensive medium for the roots of your plants
Step 6 plant some seeds drop 2-3 in the grow media and put in some nutrient solution
Step 7 find an led light bar with a timer
I found this led light bar that I am very happy with made by a company called Happy Leaf. They sell their light with a kit to get you started growing! Place your light bar on some type of mount. I used a simple aluminum bracket that can be screwed into your wall with adjustable racks.
The light is tuned to give optimum growth for your plants and includes a timer and instructions.
It recommends 11hours of light per day.

Step 8 plug in your led light and set your timer

Step 9 relax and enjoy growing plants indoors!

Here is some Dill, Basil, and Thyme in a mason jar set-up.

The glass bottle system is an experiment I wanted to try out and will provide updates on my results!

Peace Out Cub Scouts

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Dill... thats a fancy way of saying dank kushes


lolz, nah just dill

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