Awesome and Sneaky Leg Attack on a Standing Opponent!

in howto •  last month

A clever way to pull "Single Leg-X Guard" against a standing opponent to set up a sneaky "Heel Hook"!

While most times I prefer to go for the take down and fight from top position, if you compete often every now and then you will face a high level wrestler or Judo black belt and if you engage on the feet it could mean a bad night for you. While many are proud and will go down with their pride, I choose to use my fight intellect to win via strategy. Its like these MMA fighters who want to stand up against champion Boxers, or Kick Boxers when they have a superior Jiu JItsu game, I find that to be very foolish. You will hear coaches say it all the time, don't play his game, or impose your will, and that is the message here.
In the above video we demonstrate a sneaky way to get under your opponent and undermine his balance from a sweep rather than a take-down which puts you right into position for a heel-hook finish. I have used this in competition successfully but unfortunately there is no video of it. However I do have a video of me using a leg lock from the same position but I used it again my opponents guard instead of as a guard, I will link video below. I do not have any video of it. Enjoy.

Please comment below and let us know if you like this technique or if you have used it in competition.

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Hey that is a good one! IN competition when you are tighter than usual and take downs are hard, it is great to have these tools available. Even as a white belt, you could just Achilles lock from that great setup as well.



Yeah man thanks! I learned this from Joe Capizzi who learned in from Eddie Wolverine Cummings, he taught it from sitting guard at a seminar, and I had the idea to pull it from standing. Glad you enjoyed.

Very wise words about strategy & one of the reasons I just can’t get enough of the mma & grappling game. So many tactical puzzles going on & strategies, the smarter fighter always has a chance to win. Great fighters do not get enough credit for their intelligence.

Nice Slick guard pull, Do you ever triangle the leg right after you get him down? Or perhaps a reason why you don’t?

With the rainy season here, good time for me to get back on the mat 🙏


@ceattlestretch Thank you for commenting, I agree that smart fighters rule. Look at some of the pioneers of MMA, long after they were done competing they were training people. Pat Militage, Renzo Gracie. I think Firas Zahabi is one of the most intelligent coaches in the game. But I digress...
I did used to triangle the leg and while it does lock them in place better, it is harder to sweep them over. Once they are on the ground in that position it is difficult to move to a triangle but if you can, by all means go for it, the triangle will keep your Bite on the leg if he starts to roll. Thanks again for commenting and I hope you get back in the gym.


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