Fight Shorts Giveaway Special! and we show a Kimora/Triangle from Side Control

in howto •  last month

We will be giving away a pair of the "Bully Fight Gear" Shorts to the winner of the contest! Rules Below. We pay shipping.

Okay just to make this very clear, you do not pay for anything, but this give away is for Continental United States only, I am sorry about that but shipping costs outside of the continental US for us is kind of an expensive cost to eat for a fee giveaway. Okay below I will list the rules to participate.


  • You must follow this channel to participate.
  • You must up-vote this to participate.
  • You must comment this to participate.

How to win:

  • Simply comment with how much Steem you think this video will make at the end of 7 days. Who ever gets closest to the Steem amount without going over at the end of 7 days (when the price locks in), will be the winner. At which time you must ether Email or by some other means message me the address where you would like the shorts sent, along with your size. We have 2 styles of shorts to choose from and a rash guard, you will be given the choice of style via email upon winning. Basically its the same shorts but in Vale Tudo or Regular style as shown in the video. The Rash Guard is a sublimated Wolf (Alpha Wolf).

Everyone I hope you enjoy the video and good luck in the contest!

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Those shorts are tight! I have followed you for months so that is easy. I love using my votes to support you so that is a piece of cake. I will resteem this for a little bonus support. I am a few miles above the border which will make it easy enough to mail it so I may as well throw in a guess!

How about $4.39? I have no idea!

Awesome technique too I am going to try next class. Isolating that arm so completely is so powerful.


Thanks for playing, good luck my friend!


Looks like you are the winner buddy, by default. send me your info.


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