Search is unavalaible ? How to Easily "hack" Google Search ! And more useful info about searching on the web

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Use Google some specific search operators can help you

Site search if temporary unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In our case, when i write this article the search in is not working. As it uses Google here is the solution

Just use this what we call Search operators.

site:name.domain keyword
let's say you want to find about Vietnam, you will type vietnam
The search operator **site: ** Google will restrict your search results to the site or domain you specify
It will show you all pages having the word Vietnam in domain name.

You can use many other useful things on Google like

Try this with PDF it often gives you very rare content that are not often shown in the pages results

To find pdf documents about Steemit and blockchain, try
filetype:pdf steemit blockchain

To know all operators check this documentation

Enjoy !

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Yes ! the title is not very correct and i'm preparing a nice Guide for search operators. But for those who didnt know about search on steemit, as it's broken now, it can help

the rest was bonus info ;)