Converting Hivep from steem-engine to Hive on Hive chain

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Did you know that it is now possible to not just buy Hivep on Steem-engine, but also converting it to Hive on the Hive Blockchain, without going to another Blockchain?

This means that you can move your Steem to steem-engine. In the process it will be converted to Steemp.

Then trade that for Hivep and withdraw that Hivep to the Hive Blockchain and in the process it will be converted to Hive.

I assume you know how to get your Steem to steem-engine, so I will not cover that.

Similarly I will some that you know how to make a trade on steem-engine and get some Hivep.

The focus of this small how-to guide is to show you how to move your Hivep to the Hive Blockchain.

The first thing you do is click the 'withdraw' button at the top of the screen in steem-engine. E3E150FE8B464052A036FA4657F2DF59.jpeg

In the pop-up screen you select Hive. Choose what amount of Hivep you want to convert to Hive and choose the account you want so send it too. Make sure you write your username without the @. It should look like this: EDD14975983343EE919EA79CD954BD21.jpeg

Then press 'withdraw Hive'.

This should cause the familiar steemconnect page to come up where you can authorize the transaction.

This whole process seems to work best on desktop. Steem-engine does not seem to be very reliable on mobile at the moment.

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