Top 5 Most Haunted Places In Nevada, U.S.A

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old washoe club.jpg

This three story brick structure located in Virginia City, Nevada was built in 1875. The mid 1860's was the center for silver mining, this is were mining industry turned men into millionaires. In these dangerous times cave-ins , gunfights and greed claimed lives. A business man named Billy Chollar had discovered this silver mine and built a mansion nearby which became the mine's main office, it was later demolished and rebuilt at a different location to make way for the mine's pumping station. Chollar's men worked at a furious speeds to bring silver before other companies found it, Chollar's rival company was Potosi Mine and the competition was intense. Cave-ins were common and an explosion in the main shaft killed many men, even death didn't stop the owners on their quest to wealth. Today there are reports of apparitions and disembodied voices in this silent place, visitors share being touched by an unseen force or even experiencing the feeling of being watched.


nevada govenor mansion.jpg

This two story elegant mansion was constructed in 1908 and was finished in July of 1909. Governor Denver Dickson and his family were the first to move in the mansion, June Dickerson, the Governor's daughter was born in this mansion on September of 1909, and has the distinction of being the only child to be born there. The mansion was renovated and redecorated from 1967 to 1968, additional structures were added: a circular pergola, curved front stairs, and metal balustrades. There are two theories as the who and why two entities haunt the place, a woman and a young girl.
1.) One theory is that an antique clock which was given as a present to the governor at the time , was haunted by two spirits of a woman and a young girl.
2.) Some thought to be Una Dickerson and her daughter June Dickerson.
For many years, staff and overnight guests have witnessed the entity of a woman wearing a long white dress, followed by an apparition of a young girl wondering around the second floor and the hallways.


westgate las vegas.jpg

The Westgate is a hotel, casino and time share resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, near the Las Vegas strip. It opened it's doors in 1969 as the International Hotel, and was known for many years as the Las Vegas Hilton, until taking its current name in 2014. February 10, 1981, a major fire occurred in the Hilton, Philip Bruce Cline, a hotel busboy who was under the influence of drugs, set fire to a curtain in an elevator lobby on the eighth floor of the east tower. The fire spread to the exterior of the tower and traveled up to the top of the building within 25 min. 8 people were killed and approximately 350 were injured, including 48 firefighters. An american musical by the name of Elvis Presley was signed for a 4 week engagement in 1969 as the second performer to appear in the International's showroom. It would be his first public stage appearance in 8 years, he would go on to perform a total of 636 shows at this hotel from 1969 to 1976, with every show sold out. Presley's run of performances at the Hilton was cut short by his death in August 1977, many people report seeing a man that resembles Elvis roaming around the show room.


goldfield hotel.jpg

This four story Historic building was built between 1907 and 1908 on the site of two earlier hotels of the same name which had burned down. On March 4, 1981, it was added to the Nevada State Register of Historic Places, it was reported to be the most spectacular hotel in Nevada at the time of its completion in 1908. Goldfield has its shares of stories, and the formerly lavish hotel is the obvious hot spot for tales of woe and wandering spirits. The hotel has many stories of suicide and murder, some of the more theatrical visitors claim that it is a vortex, one of the 7 gates to hell. Perhaps the most classic story to come out of the abandoned lodging is based on actual mining mogul named George Wingfield, Wingfield was a multi millionaire who owned several banks in the state of Nevada. A girl by the name of Elizabeth is said to have come to Wingfield with the accusation that the baby she was carrying was his. When he couldn't be dissuaded from making this scandal public knowledge, a furious Wingfield chained the girl to a radiator room 109, kept her there until the child was born, at this point the story goes one of two ways. Elizabeth either dies in childbirth still chained inside the room, or George kills her, either way Elizabeth dies an agonizing death, and the child is chucked down a mine shaft located under the hotel. Guest have claimed hearing the baby's cries through the mine shaft and that the room 109 is freezing cold.


mizpah hotel.jpg

Mizpah Hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of America and was built in 1905. The Historic Mazpah Hotel was once the most luxurious and modern hotel in the South Western United States, the hotel was nicknamed " The Grand Old Lady" for its refined elegance and upscale atmosphere. The Mizpah has its good shares of ghosts stories like, The Lady in Red, it is said she haunts the entire 4th and 5th floor, legends say that one day, her boyfriend had left to catch a train out of town, but the train was cancelled. He returned back to the room only to catch her with another man, an argument ensued, concluding with her death in the hallway outside her room, The Lady in Red has been seen gliding around the hotel ever since. The spirits of a few children are said to roam around the hotel as well, their presence is a bit of a mystery since no children are known to have died there. The hotel manager, believes that the children may have died else where but chose to return to the Mizpah because of happy memories they had in their day. We will never really know for sure, unless they decide to tell us someday.


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