The three male zodiac signs that will break your heart

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You will say that everything depends on the person, not on the zodiac, but actually, there are several representatives of male signs that are more prominent in breaking hearts than others, and you have probably already tried the poisoned arrows of his love.

No matter how well you know people, no matter how careful you are in your love affairs, there is no way you can not end up with a broken heart at least once. Life is just as well. Still, there are signs that bear the glory of "heartbreakers."

Gemini - You'll never know what's going on with the Gemini. At one point you are blooming with love and flowers, in the next, they seem to completely forget about you. Even if it is not completely surprising the moment they break with you, it hurts again. You thought they really understood you, and they did not talk as deeply as anyone with you. The twins are smart and charming, but they are deadly to the heart. They tend to disappear without explanation and only then to break with you officially, which hurts even more - because the disappearance still leaves room for a little hope.

Aquarius - Even Aquarius do not have to divide with you to break your heart. They will flirt with other people in front of your eyes with a clear awareness of what they are doing, and next time they will tell you they love you and do not want to be separated. When they break with you, they will do so with a sense of intellectual superiority - as if you have not been able to satisfy their sublime needs.

Sagittarius - Arrows always put their own needs and desires above all. Do you want to stay with you? This is very bad, as they have already made their own plans that do not involve you. They are extremely self-centered and are their most important priority. And worse, once they have broken your heart, they do not understand why you suffer so much. Arrows are not known for empathy and the ability to look at things from a foreign perspective, so they wonder how it can hurt you and why you just can not overcome it.

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