Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 6th, 2019

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You are appreciated, but maybe not as how you want to be.
Or maybe you cannot happily accept the appreciation for some reasons.

For example, you may receive a promotion while you are thinking of changing jobs.
Or, one of your friends may confess love to you while you are unrequitedly in love with someone else.

Yes, it is difficult to choose.
Should you promote at the current company, or start from zero at a more hopeful company?
Should you believe in your love and pursue the unrequited love?

Maybe you can offer different options to the offerers.
If the future of the current company is hopeless, maybe you can make it hopeful by suggesting another new business after your promotion.
Maybe you can suggest being a good friend to him who has confessed love to you before officially accept or deny it.

Yes, I know it sounds difficult.
If the current company is conservative, the executives may not accept suggestions from a new manager.
If you become a good friend with him and you reject his offer at the end, it will hurt him more deeply than reject it now.

I wrote another day that you should challenge different things, but postpone your final decision.
It is difficult these days because there are others involved and so you need to take its responsibility if you challenge it.
Maybe you want to accept and challenge the offer a bit and see what happens, but the people involved want serious commitment from you if you accept it.






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