Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 15th, 2019

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Moon is in Aries immediately after the full moon in Pisces.
Besides, Mercury and Venus have just got into Libra.
So, some people may be on a new stage or facing a new situation.
With such fresh air, Moon opposes Mercury and Venus.

You may look around and compare yourself with others.
And you may think like "I'm not like them!"
Maybe they are wannabes around you, and so are you.
And you may want to get out of it.
Or you listen to others too much and are affected by their opinions easily.
And you want to change such yourself.
Or while all your friends are married, you may be alone and depressed with it.

It is just an early stage of Libra.
You may be only looking at the surface of the phenomenon.
They may be just wannabes, but a few of them may succeed in the future, and you don't realize it.
Besides, chances tend to be brought to where wannabes gather.
So you don't need to abandon the relationships with other wannabes at this moment.
Or, To listen to others well is needed if you work with others to create one big thing, and compromises will be necessary.
Listening to others is a good thing, especially when stars are in Libra.
Or, you will be socially more trustful if you marry, but unfortunately, marriage doesn't always bring you happiness, and maybe you don't realize the unhappiness your married friends have.




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