Tomorrow's Horoscope Oct 13th, 2019

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You can gaze into the abyss of your life only when you go through hardships.
You will know what your heart wants, only when you lose it.
Your talent flowers only when you push yourself to your limit, like when the deadline is very close, or you challenge something which looks above your skill.

Tomorrow is after a big typhoon in Japan, and the sky is like "healing after the big damage."
Fortunately, communication among people is smooth, and mutual help is at hand.

"Make lemonade out of lemons."
The stars are telling us to search for better lives, not only recovering from the damage.
For example, if you lose your house, maybe you should move to somewhere closer to your workplace to make your commute shorter.
Or, if you live alone and your room is flooded, and you need to leave the room, maybe you should live together with your parents for a while so they will be happy seeing you.

If you are nothing to do with the big typhoon, maybe you find true you under pressure of a deadline or a big challenge, for example.
Even if it looks impossible to meet the deadline or the requirements of the challenge, maybe you can push yourself a bit harder.
Just that remember to tell your boss or business partner that it is challenging to meet the deadline, and he may postpone the deadline for you.
You are not alone.
It is time when the people whom you have helped now help you back.





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