Tomorrow's Horoscope Jun 21st, 2019

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You may be feared to lose your permanent job one day.
The company which you are working for may not exist after ten years.
The pension may not be paid after you retire.
You may not be able to marry for a whole life.

Those who are worried about the future might get an idea to make full use of it tomorrow.
For example, even if you work for a big company, your job is not secured, then why don't you challenge?
You can find a second job of what interests you most.
You can think of ideas to start your own business.
You don't have to marry because you can always go out with a boy/girlfriend at the same age as you or above, so you don't have to be scared to be lonely when you get old.
Just relax and enjoy time with a current boy/girlfriend, and you might find one whom you want to be together with forever.

Because Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, you might care too much what others think of you, who are not married or don't have a stable job.
In Japan, lots of people at around age 35-45 are jobless because they had scarce jobs opportunities when they graduated university because of economic recession.
In Japan, when you don't get a job immediately after you graduate university, it is difficult to get a job for a whole life.
Until this day, such jobless people had been ignored because people believed that such people are just too lazy to find a job, and it is their responsibilities to deal with it.
But the story is changing now, and even the government has started to think of a plan to help such people get a job.
What I'm trying to say is that you may not like other people think of you whom you think is a loser because it is embarrassing, but when there are so many people start to understand your situations and be sympathetic, you are considered a member of society and can get help.
Yes, the world is getting better.

I understand that you are being frustrated because your life is so unexpecting.
But I think it is time given by God so you can fully enjoy your life.
If you know the ending, your life will be boring.
Maybe whether you succeed in your plan or not is not so important.





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