Tomorrow's Horoscope Jun 20th, 2019

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You can talk about how you should work for a better life only while you have the least money.
You can set a goal and invest yourself towards it, like going to school to learn a new skill, only when you have enough money.

You can say, "Don't work only for money.", because you have enough money.
You can say, "Don't be a friend of someone who tries to drag you down." because you have lots of other friends.
You can stop working with a customer who doesn't pay well because you have lots of other customers.
You won't be able to stay so aspiring like written above if you are poor and have little friends or customers.

However, it doesn't mean you can cheat if you don't have money, friends, or customers.
"This is only until when I earn enough money."
"Only this time."
I think you will do a second time if you cheat once, as you say the same thing.

Some people start from rich, and some people start from poor to survive the world.
Both compete with each other to play the same game called Capitalism, under the same rules.
It is truly unfair to criticize or even punish those who start from less fortunate and have needed to rely on cheating.
Yes, I know it is a difficult issue as allowing cheating won't be a solution to the problem at the fundamental level.

Tomorrow, those who are cheating or have cheated may feel guilty for it.
Maybe not that bad as cheating, but activities like firing hopeless employees, or rejecting the application from a person who is desperate to find a job for money.
What you can do may be limited, but some of you could find an idea to avoid it if you don't give up.






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