Tomorrow's Horoscope Aug 8th, 2019

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If you are worried or feared to do something, tomorrow is an excellent day to overcome it.

Do not try to distract from worries or fears by doing something else, but face them directly.
Prepare for failure.
List all of what could happen and what you could do for it if you move on, and make sure you won't die when you fail.

You may also get a good idea if you tell the people around you about the worries and fears.
I understand that you don't want to because they won't understand you.
Still, you need to show them that you want to be understood by them.
Furthermore, it could even bring you a chance unexpectedly.

If you don't get along with your boss, then maybe you can tell about it to the boss of your boss if you have access to him, or the Human resources department.
Just that don't appeal yourself like "My boss is wrong." or "My boss is too unfair to evaluate me properly.".
Instead, talk about your feelings and favors.
For example, tell him like "I don't get along with my boss, but I like the company and want to change departments.".
Or you can tell the reason you cannot get along with your boss, and tell them what kind of boss you can get along with.

The problem with these days is that Sun is so powerful, but it is "disliked" by Saturn and Pluto.
So just be careful with what you do.
Showing too much confidence looks arrogant, and too much appealing tends to be annoying to others.
Instead, show intimacy in an appropriate way.






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