Tomorrow's Horoscope Aug 17th, 2019

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Empathy and mutual understanding connect you with others tomorrow.
Having a fabulous idea and vision is not enough for others to follow you.
Only when you understand others and the feelings of others or vice versa, people start supporting you.

People can only value people who are at the same level as themselves, or lower levels.
So a strong leader won't work these days.
He will be dragged down by jealous people if he stands out alone.
If you are those difficult to be understood or are at higher levels than ordinary people, maybe you can show your greatness by presenting your great results.
It is difficult to be understood by exposing the true you.
You need empathy, authority supporting you, or your uncomparable results.

Tomorrow, maybe you should show your empathy and intimacy first.
You can do volunteer activities.
You can contact your friends you haven't been in touch with for a long time.
Approach to the people around you to be understood.

Yes, I know it is not what you want.
Maybe you think like "I'm so great and why don't others simply accept it?" sort of things.
You give others something first so they can recognize your greatness.

In Japanese Twitter, some public figures are generous enough to give us useful information from "above".
As they believe, they are so precious and unreplaceable unlike us, incapable and ordinary mediocre, but they still don't leave us behind and give us useful information.
How nice they are!

I don't say you should do the same.
Instead, you give or exchange with others something at the same level.
You don't need to be at a higher level to do it.
We are all equal.
We are as precious as others.

In Twitter, some people still believe that those with more followers than following are "higher" than those with less.
Tomorrow, you can follow lots of people, and wait for them to follow you back to get more followers.
You don't need to think of the ratio of following and followers.
And do not even think of unfollowing those who are kind enough to follow you back to make your followers' ration high.
Isn't it better to know lots of different people mutually on Twitter than being observed one-directionally by lots of different people?





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