Tomorrow's Horoscope Apr 26th, 2019

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The Moon in Aquarius and the Uranus in Taurus form an ominous angle.
A solution for a particular problem might become a problem itself.
You install a system, and the system might become a big problem later.

For example, we decided to promote gender equality.
It is a good thing, for sure.
However, it ends up in low birth rates and the average income decreased because of the surplus of the workers.
I mean, the number of workers has doubled as most women become workers.
I know that the statistics show that the average income has been increasing in most of the developed countries (except in Japan), but I think it may be a different story for blue-color workers (it's just my imagination).
And even under gender equality, some women still choose a man with his income, and when they cannot find a man with high income, they stay unmarried, and the marriage rate decreases.

For about six years, when the Moon gets into Aquarius once in a month, it forms the ominous angle with the Uranus.
I think it means that a new idea or concept to solve a problem might not be a drastic solution, rather causing another problem.
Constant hard work, patience, facing a problem for long-term, may be the only solutions to the problems we have.

For example, the problems of gender equality maybe only solved by men and women facing each other sincerely with patience.
We don't need any more new ideas, but understanding each other.





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