Tomorrow's Horoscope Sep 22nd, 2018

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The Mercury enters the realm of Libra and stays there until Oct 10th.
In communication with the people around you, maybe you should choose to go well with them, rather than assert yourself.
If you have been studying to improve your skill, it may be a time to "adjust" the skill.
Which means:
Is the demand for the skill high in the labor market?
How much of the skill is required in your career?
Do you really need the skill?
Let's say if you are practicing drawing by copying objects or people, is it just a practice or do you want to pursue the copying?
Maybe it's still not a time to select but a time to consider various options.

However, there may be obstacles to "adjust".
For example, you started studying drawing and you feel somewhat it's not for you, but you fear to lose a chance to enjoy the drawing or the time and the money you spent on it will be wasted.
A feel too obliged or a bad habit to continue what you don't really like are the enemies for you.
Maybe you should continue drawing even though you feel it's not for you at this moment because it IS for you and you may enjoy it in the future,
But drawing could be not for you and you could be wasting all of your time spending the time to draw.
I think it's ok you cannot decide at this moment.
In that case, wait till the Sun enters Scorpio (at the end of October).

Tomorrow, you might get an interesting idea or a chance to do heart-to-heart communications.
But it may be difficult to make use of it.
Maybe because you care too much about what other people might think of it.
Or maybe you are too "practical".
Even if you feel good with colleagues, you don't want to be friends with colleagues just because they are colleagues and you feel the heart-to-heart communications is worthless.
I think what is required here is you enjoy the moment of the communication with them, even if you don't make friends with them.




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