Tomorrow's Horoscope Oct 3rd, 2018

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Maybe it's time to declare your preference.
I mean your preference for anything, like foods, music, what you like to do for a living, type of the partner you want, etc.
"declare" means maybe you talk about your preference with your friends.
Or tell your boss type of job you want to do in the future.
Or create something (like drawings for hobby or for a living) you like to create and make it public rather create what is most demanded.

It's a time of the Sun in Libra.
So the declarations may be a part of communication.
Tell your friends your preference beforehand so they don't talk bad about it.
Tell your boss what you like to do so he can give you the work once it's available.

But just be careful you don't talk "imperfect" or "bad" versions of your preference (I guess these expressions are rather western), prejudices and unfairness.
These talks could cause more trouble than other times.

And your preference could be based on wrong information and be humiliated by the declaration.
For example, you don't like a musician and tell it to your friend who points out that it's a wrong musician.
It's humiliating but it's good you know you were wrong.
We Japanese say, "To ask is a humiliation at the time only, to never ask is a humiliation for a whole life".
Don't be scared of humiliation and be open.




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