Some tips may come in many ways :

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  1. If you go alone in the night, realize that there is someone behind, so do not just turn your neck. Turn the whole body to see. There is a possibility of rotating the neck.

  2. If you see a snake on the bed, do not kill it before, you may be harmed. Let's go before. Because genes contain silhouette. You could die while fighting, because a cow had died fighting with a snake-shaped gene. If it does not go away, then understand that it is actually a snake, then kill or drive it.

  3. If you see a branch of a tree or a bamboo, you will not go through it at night. Read the verse Quran. Then you will see it again, then it will go.

  4. Just do not respond if you call your name out of the night on Gavi night. After 3 calls, you will respond.
    5 If you see something sitting on the tree then do not look at it. Keep silent and look at the ground.

  5. If you come to your room alone at night and see you are sitting in the room. You can see yourself, so do not be afraid. That's gonna be with you. (Curin Jin). Just close the eyes and read the verse Kurse and then open the eyes.

  6. Never sleep at night and do not sleep. And if you dream of fear, then you will get spit on the left side of the chest 3 times. - Bukhari Sharif

  7. If you think that someone is dragging your feet after ponding in the pond, then first you will shout. And as soon as the Prayer Yunus will start reading. Because there is a gin in the pond or river.

  8. If you can see alone at night, the dog is coming to attack you and if the dog looks unusual, then draw a circle on the ground respectively and stand inside the circle and read the verse in the verse.

  9. If you see that you are
    going astray in the night or are returning to the same way
    reaching the destination even after a long distance , then Ajan will give it.
    So everything will be okay. Gueran Jean is pushing
    you down.

  10. If you feel sleepy at night
    , someone in your chest has a sense of But do
    not shout . There will be no benefit if
    you scream , because your screams will not come out. You
    will read any of the suras.

  11. If you can see the soul of dead people
    then do not be afraid. That's not the spirit. Genes have
    shaped the dead people. Just
    go through the salam .

If you are walking alone on the street in the dark night, if you see black dogs or black cats trying
to cross you from your left,
then cross it. There is no
problem. It is the prejudice of society. But
do not kill him.

  1. Many say the cemetery is a sacred
    place. It is true that there is a gin called Ghul in the graveyard
    . So, in the holy place, you
    will go with the helpers .

  2. The genes can enter the mirror.
    So, it is good to not show the mirror on the night of Ghiyar. And
    always keep the footprint in the mirror. It is
    best not to keep bathroom mirrors because
    there are genes called Khanna in the bathroom , although the weak genes. The
    front of the mirror while reciting this prayer
    : "Allahumma wa ahasina hasanata khalaki

  3. Gin lives on the roof of the house, so
    do not go alone on the roof of the night. Then you
    will take someone with you

  4. If you were alone
    eating any sweetie or cottage cheese and saw that any
    cat is disturbing you, then let him also
    eat. Never run out or
    kill. Because at any time the genes
    also come in shape , and the sweetest things are
    their favorite food.

  5. Do not get too angry. The
    anger among us is so much that the word is
    stuck in the mouth . Because of this anger, the jinn
    can enter your body. So
    if you are angry , sit down or you will be standing
    . So genes can not enter.

  6. During Maghrib, 2/3 of the night
    and the effects of genes during Ambaishra is high.
    So be careful this time.
    Keep the little children safe and keep
    the doors of the house closed during the Maghrib period, Bismilla .

  7. Every time you dream about fear and
    see that
    you are going down from above, then you are
    attacked by Black Magic .

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