What does HOPE look like? | My 1st Creative Contest: The Shape and Form of HOPE

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Hey guys! This is the FIRST CONTEST EVER I’m running! (:

Some Personal Reflections First:

I am writing this post with a heart filled with gratitude and thankfulness. It’s been 25 MOONS (according to @steemd, it’s been so long) that I have landed on this planet called Steem. At first I was very lonely, but then I found the POWER HOUSE CREATIVES.

I actually told myself that I will not continue on Steemit anymore if I did not get into the Power House Creatives. That was back in the days where I was nervously waiting for @jaynie’s DM to tell me that I have been accepted. But then the fateful day came, right after my birthday, that I joined the then-@steemitbloggers. I was elated at the BELATED “BIRTHDAY GIFT”.

And I’ve grown much over these few months that I have been part of Power House Creatives. I took part in other contests organized by my lovely friends such as @jayna, @felt.buzz and @quillfire; I won some to my pleasant surprise. My reputation went up from 56 to 59.

Now, I just got a feeling in my gut that I’ve reached a stage in my Steemit journey where I should actually GIVE BACK. Give back to the community by organizing contests and promoting the creation of high-quality content.

I’m not a dolphin yet - far from it - but as a minnow, I still can do my part in this tiny corner of the Steemisphere. I cannot say I can’t, I’m unable, I don’t have enough, because that would be excuses.

And if there is one thing I’ve taken away from being in Power House Creatives, it’s that there is NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES, but just pure GRIT, PASSION AND DETERMINATION.

And so here I am, trembling with excitement. And I HOPE all of you will share in my joy and take part in this contest.

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

TL;DR: This contest is about symbolically representing through a creative medium a value which I hold very dear to my heart and which I think is very essential for the Steemit community as a whole: HOPE.


  1. VOTE for PowerHouseCreatives (@steemitbloggers) in the 20K delegation poll by @theycallmedan HERE! If you have already voted for some other community, then no worries, just RE-STEEM this post in order to meet this criteria!

(Update: since the poll is over, just only rules 2 and 3 apply.)

  1. Tell me a story, draw me a picture, take a photograph - insert any other CREATIVE MEDIUM which all you creative geniuses can think of - that SYMBOLIZES HOPE.

  2. TAG your entry with #hopecontest. Also remember to mention me - @joeylim - so I don't miss it!

The sky’s the limit, only that it must be ORIGINAL.

You will gain bonus points for combining TWO creative mediums, i.e. showcasing a photograph that you personally took and writing a story based on the picture. Or showcasing a gallery of photographs and drawings that SHOW HOPE. You get the idea - I look forward to being surprised.


The deadline is on 3RD MARCH 2019.


The winner stands to get 4 STEEM.

I will also upvote and re-steem each and every participant’s entry.

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL.png

I am full of HOPE at what y’all have in store for me! Can’t wait to see just how many talented creatives there are on Steemit!

Let's bring more HOPE into this space!!

<Don't mind me being HOPEful~>

Much Love,
“Gal of Lore”

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_round.png


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What a beautiful contest! 😍

Unfortunately I have so many other obligations, that I won't be able to participate. I will however throw in 6 more steem, so the winner will get a total of 10 :-)

Please let me know, to which account you want that sent.


@reinhard-schmid that is so generous of you!! Thank you so much ((:

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I like your contest, and we all are happy, when we get a little support. Do I transfer the 6 steem to you or the winner in the end directly?

Plus, you could edit your post, so people see, that they will actually have a chance to win a total of 10 steem


@reinhard-schmid you can transfer to the winner directly! (: I'll mention this in my subsequent posts as well (:

Thank you again! 😊

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Thank you, all I needed to know. No need to mention me :-)

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what a lovely smile you have :)
All the best with your very first giveaway

I love the theme of Hope for your first contest @joeylim.

I'm starting a new class on Friday in Creative Journaling. Something I've always wanted to work with and I'll keep the theme of Hope in mind as I create my new images. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


@allyinspirit looking forward to seeing your beautiful floral & natural creations - nature always instils a sense of hope and new beginnings 🌻

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Oh, you did haste it here without rest, I can see :) So I hope your initiative spreads and you receive a lot of entries and support.

I will be thinking on the topic. Thanks for the opportunity!

I wish you all luck and fun!




@manoldonchev Thank you so much! (:

Looking forward to your entry to spread more hope ((:

That's a great smile of HOPE @joeylim!


@roselifecoach aww thank you!! 🙃

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Beautifully put @joeylim

I feel the same way. PHC is the center of my steem universe. I am very glad to know you and all the other wonderful friends in our community.

Great work. Upvoted and resteemed.



@cheese4ead yes I'm glad to know all of you too - it makes my world that much brighter ((: more HOPEful (:

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So happy you are part of our team!

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@fionasfavourites and so am I!! So glad we won ((:

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me too!

Power House Creatives is blessed and hopeful because of people like you. ❤️


@iamjadeline and because of people like you, too 💕 blessings!

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Such a wicked awesomesauce idea, @joeylim! I completely agree - if it weren't for the Steemit Bloggers/Power House Creatives family, I would've left the Steemit platform ages ago. And thank you, because your amazing smile made me smile! ❤️


@traciyork hahaha lovely word - awesomesauce! 😊
Indeed, it's the people that keeps us rooted here! Let's continue smiling and spreading joy ((:

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A wonderful message to spread! I adore your positive attitude, and I hope it is infectious! :)


@plantstoplanks i hope so too; thank you for your very kind words ((:

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This is really nice @joeylim.
I'd love to be a part of this contest.
How do I join the PHC?

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@missabigail this contest is open to all!
As for joining PHC, there'll be an application process - check out @steemitbloggers to find out more! Basically there will be a bus-stop and you can submit your applications there! ((:

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I will be looking through my photos. Just not sure what I have that says "hope".


@xcountytravelers anything, really, that speaks to you!! (: that's the most important (:
Looking forward to seeing your photos! <3