Report from the streets of Hong Kong

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Every day anarchists go in to the streets to pay with their lives for your freedom.
The least you can do is support those around you that are willing to pay this sacrifice so that you can have the few freedoms you have left.

Let me tell you, dear reader, there are no freedoms if you don't take them.

If you don't drive your car without insurance, or a seatbelt, at least once in a while, you might as well get some free donuts and a plaque of appreciation for being their best cop.

If you consciously decide to do what you are told, rather than what you will, you are their perfect slave.
They expend no resources keeping you on the plantation and buying at the company store.

Shame on you, freedom lover.
You are a black mark on your ancestor's bloodline that stood up when they were needed to make sure you gonna grow up with the little freedoms you still have.


>Hong Kong: Anarchists in the Resistance to the Extradition Bill

By Infoshop Staff -
June 23, 2019

Let's see if we can up that view count.

via CrimethInc

An Interview

Since 1997, when it ceased to be the last major colonial holding of Great Britain, Hong Kong has been a part of the People’s Republic of China, while maintaining a distinct political and legal system.
In February, an unpopular bill was introduced that would make it possible to extradite fugitives in Hong Kong to countries that the Hong Kong government has no existing extradition agreements with—including mainland China.

On June 9, over a million people took the streets in protest; on June12, protesters engaged in pitched confrontations with police; on June 16, two million people participated in one of the biggest marches in the city’s history.

The following interview with an anarchist collective in Hong Kong explores the context of this wave of unrest.

Our correspondents draw on over a decade of experience in the previous social movements in an effort to come to terms with the motivations that drive the participants, and elaborate upon the new forms of organization and subjectivation that define this new sequence of struggle.

In the United States united snakes (sic), the most recent popular struggles have cohered around resisting Donald Trump and the extreme right.
In France, the Gilets Jaunes movement drew anarchists, leftists, and far-right nationalists into the streets against Macron’s centrist government and each other.
In Hong Kong, we see a social movement against a state governed by the authoritarian left.

What challenges do opponents of capitalism and the state face in this context?
How can we outflank nationalists, neoliberals, and pacifists who seek to control and exploit our movements?

As China extends its reach, competing with the United States and European Union for global hegemony, it is important to experiment with models of resistance against the political model it represents, while taking care to prevent neoliberals and reactionaries from capitalizing on popular opposition to the authoritarian left.
Anarchists in Hong Kong are uniquely positioned to comment on this.

This story goes on at some length.

I hope you take the time to learn the state of the struggle to free you from the slavery you so lovingly embrace.
Each one of those dissidents that goes to prison, or is killed, is a sacrifice for you to be 'free' from being ruled by oppressive force.

Photo by KWBB from Tak Cheong Lane Collective.

The front façade of the Hong Kong Police headquarters in Wan Chai, covered in egg yolks on the evening of June 21.
Hundreds of protesters sealed the entrance, demanding the unconditional release of every person that has been arrested in relation to the struggle thus far.
The banner below reads “Never Surrender.”


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"...there are no freedoms if you don't take them."

Truer words were never spoke.

Regarding acts of rebellion you mention, it is important to weigh potential consequences, likelihood of sanction, and benefit of undertaking them. I don't find doing 56 in a 55 of much potential benefit, unless I was to put a powerful legal team together with a strategy to challenge speed limits.

Pace yourself, and fight when you can win.


unless I was to put a powerful legal team together with a strategy to challenge speed limits. their claim of rulership.


Agree with you it is the law of world that you have to snatch your right otherwise you will be deprived........

Good on them.

Unfortunately, given the history of the communists, seven plus million people are just statistics...if things do go down.

Not communists, socialusts.

Big difference.
Not that your #fakeducation pointed out the difference for you.
They don't want you to know the doorway out of rule by force.

It doesn't matter what you label them as. It's all semantics.

The fact remains it's a regime that didn't mind slaughtering millions of their own for their "progressive" Cultural Revolution.

Nope, not semantics.
Communism is peaceful.
Either it is adopted as a better alternative or not at all.
Been that way from the start of the modern movement.

Either real communism was never tried and cannot be by any form of collective, or it will always fail as it always has in the past.

Anarchism, OTOH, is practiced daily by everyone alive. I prefer the word autarch to anarch, because the fact is that we do rule ourselves, not have no ruler at all. We are persuaded betimes to dissemble and perform as instructed as we are necessarily required to choose our battles in order to survive.

It is impossible to not be an autarch, even subjected to tyranny. We can only be persuaded to comply, and tyrants cannot actually decide for us.

Freedom is our actual state, and always will be. Fortunately, our economic dependence on institutions is declining, due to advancing technology. Economic freedom is actual freedom, and decentralization as mandated by the laws of physics (that cannot be amended, appealed, approved or denied by politicians) is increasing our freedom daily.


Anarchism, OTOH, is practiced daily by everyone alive. I prefer the word autarch to anarch, because the fact is that we do rule ourselves, not have no ruler at all. We are persuaded betimes to dissemble and perform as instructed as we are necessarily required to choose our battles in order to survive.

Completely agree!
The more I informed myself, the more I understood anarchy is the natural condition and all this bueaucracy (I'm from germany) is just forced upon us (idc if they call it freedom)
I value autonomy, voluntarism and free markets (for me anarchy)

and achieving this is not easy, cuz it start's in the mind (inner monarchy // outter anarchy) and we are all programmed to follow an authority (being autonom, thinking for urself isnt easy - jesus also failed to teach this and his followers made a new authority out of him)

idk much bout communism

I agree that we are winning against those that rule by force.
Communism has not been tried, if it had, we would already be doing our own things as if we were millionaires.
Using force makes it socialism.

I don't know if you look through the books I link, but they explain what I am saying better than I do, in some cases.
Professional writers and all.

The choice of die here, or get on the truck, is not an easy one to make.
Especially for folks that have been socialized into being lemmings.
Always doing what they are told.

They dare call it freedom,...

Well, if using force makes communism into socialism, then it is impossible for communism to ever be practiced by collectivism. Every collective depends on force, as does all government by institution. Given my understanding of personal agency, I have never given communist screeds much shrift, as they invariably attempt to combine freedom and collectivism, which is impossibly contradictory.

If decentralization of means of production enabling economic independence of free individuals and the elimination of institutional power and force projection is communism, then I'm all for it. If it involves any form of collectivism, I reckon it fantasy, and spend my limited attention on things possessing some relation to actual reality.

I am generally unconcerned with the opinions of lemmings, as I amn't one, and find the opinions of those using such of more concern. Evolution happens, and catastrophe from time to time demonstrates the futility of dependence on overlords. Those incapable of independent thought are impossible of salvation, and those dependent on cattle that cannot be maintained in times of resource scarcity dangerous to producers because they will make every effort to take what is produced when their cattle no longer provide it. Thus the latter need to be understood in order to be secure when inevitable conflicts arise.

Good people do not desire to be overlords. Only sociopaths are so psychologically disabled. Free people do not desire to be chattel. Free, good people must consider how to be productive separately from institutions projecting force, and secure from their depredations in all circumstances. All my posts and comments that aren't examples of my own failure to meet my standards are the result of that consideration.

Every knee shall bow for the grand solar minimum,...

Have you read this book?
I wasn't prepared to be a communist, but danged if I ain't.
I had already read the ancom giants, Goldman, Kropotkin, and Berkman, but nothing, up to the point of finding that work in paperback, had converted me.
Now I know.
THEY have kept this work from the conversation long enough, for me.
Utopia is possible, minus dumb luck deaths.
Rule by force is the disease.
Many wasteful deaths will occur if we haven't learned to cooperate before the sun goes micro nova, imo.

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