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Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting on STEEM for about a month. Well I'm back now and I wanted to give you all an update.

I love walking through forests. It can be easy to get lost just looking at each individual part of the forest. I get excited seeing each part of a forest from each of the trees, to the wildlife, to fungi growing in the soil and on dead trees.

In the same way when running a business it is easy to get caught up in all the fun exciting things you come across. For me STEEM was one of those fun things along with several others.

But just as it is important to step back and look at the whole forest from time to time when running a business you sometimes need to step back and look at the business as a whole.

I had not done that in a while and I had let myself get focused on growing my presence here on STEEM. To the point that I was spending hours a week writing what I hoped was useful content.

The result was I quickly grew on STEEM from a redfish to a minnow and I could have kept growing. But even while I grew on STEEM the carry over to my business was lacking.

The amount of traffic from STEEM to my website which is the core of my business was small and despite all the growth I had on here my monthly traffic from STEEM refused to grow.

But I was spending hours and hours writing content for STEEM. At the same time I was getting really great returns from my other efforts despite spending less time on those.

I had let myself get distracted and narrow focused and the result was a negative impact on my business. With a family and a day job and a homestead to run I only have so much time to work on my business each day. I have to be careful where I put my time.

What I have learned about STEEM is the amazing and awesome community here likes to stay on STEEM related platforms. People just don't click off STEEM sites that much.

Even when I took a month off from posting on STEEM the traffic I got from STEEM to my website just dropped a little. But at the same time my STEEM presence suffered a lot.

So do I focus on growing my presence here on STEEM? Or do I focus on my business? I have decided to focus more of my time on my business.

For me STEEM has never been an income source. I have never cashed out and I don't plan to even now. STEEM was always meant to be a way to build community and gain traffic to my site.

I was able to build community but only here on STEEM--my site never really gained from all the effort I put into STEEM.

Because of this I have decided to only make one main post each week here on STEEM. That post will be tied to my weekly blog post over on my site. I'm considering some other options for sharing additional content but that content will be short in the style of Facebook posts. Though sometimes it might be more behind the scenes style posts or even videos.

I still plan to be a part of this community but I will be a lot less present. I have supported several initiatives and other users to help them out and I hope to continue to do so. I'm going to be delegating more of my SP moving forward and I'm no longer aiming to grow my SP. But I'm not powering down either so hopefully it will still slowly grow.

Next year I hope to have at least one book out and eventually an online course. I hope to sell both through the @homesteaderscoop. The Homesteaders Co-op is a fantastic group and a great example of the amazing community here on STEEM.

I have really enjoyed my time on here and I will be posting here each week moving forward--and a few times this week as I get caught up sharing my blog posts from the last month. But the time I spend on STEEM will be relative to the benefit it brings my business. I just can't justify spending hours here for minimal benefit when that same time could bring much better returns on other platforms.

We will see what the next year brings--I may share more content eventually as I venture into videos and podcasts but that is a ways off. Who knows--perhaps STEEM will takeoff one day and that will change the traffic calculation. Only time will tell.

Thank you all to those who supported me and I hope you will continue to find value in the content I share here moving forward.


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I can completely relate to your thoughts and the great thing about it is that we are all free to do what we want. I have always enjoyed your content as a great way to learn about these concepts that are new to me in hopes to prepare for a future I would like to experience. Engagement will eventually return and bring you back more actively as communities continue to grow and find ways to create tribes with the new technology being developed here. Hopefully, a Homesteading tribe will soon pop up to make it even more relevant in the ecosystem.

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Thank you and I hope the content I keep sharing on here will be of value to you and others. I will still be on here weekly so I will see you all around :)