Creating Little Places to Sit and Hangout on Your Wild Homestead

I really like adding little places to sit and hangout on my wild homestead. These places are areas where I can sit and observe the natural abundance around me, places for my family and friends to gather, and places where I just sit peacefully and read a good book or meditate.

This week’s blog post—Why Outdoor Sit Spots Help You Build a Natural Life—is all about why you should consider creating what I like to call outdoor sit spots.

When I’m designing my growing areas I always try to make them areas where people are welcomed. This means adding in nature trails and outdoor sit spots. The trails bring people to these areas and the sit spots encourage them to stay and hangout for a while.

What is An Outdoor Sit Spot

An outdoor sit spot can be anything ranging from a formal bench to a nice large rock or log. It really just needs to be something that is relatively comfortable to sit on.

I like to use natural materials when I can so my sitting areas blend in with the surrounding plants. But sometimes a bench can be a nice addition. Luckily, you can make benches from logs and even rocks to make them more natural looking.

Most of my growing areas have old logs around the edges of them. These logs provide habitat and create small micro-climates. But they can also work as outdoor sit spots if they’re big enough.

Sometimes I will just add some large wood rounds with their flat end up between 2 logs on the borders of the growing areas. This way it looks like it just a continuation of the border but it also becomes a nice place to sit.

I also look for little nooks that I can add a single wood round or rock that someone could sit on. These nooks are great spots for getting away for a bit and meditating or reading a book.

Make Your Wild Homestead a Welcoming Place

Sometimes when building our wild homesteads it can be easy to focus on the production side of things. You want to maximize growing space and get a harvest.

But a wild homestead should also be a place for people to just simply live.

This week’s blog post is all about this and I hope it will inspire you to add outdoor sit spots to your wild homestead and if you already have some to continue adding more.

Before you go please leave a comment talking about your favorite place on your wild homestead to sit and hangout. Also, feel free to share a picture if you have one!

Thank you!


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I may not be able to fit big benches in my garden, but I'm sure I can find something.

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Even a cut round from a log or a medium sized rock can make a great spot to sit. I like to place logs around my planting areas and sometimes I add some larger ones that are great for sitting on. Makes it feel like I'm in a wild area and stumbled across a log. Those logs are always some of my favorite places to stop on a hike and eat lunch :)

I really LIKE the idea of encouraging others - and ourselves - to loiter and sit in the garden, in a range of spots. It's on my radar too, in the coming month, to create two new sitting out areas in our garden, so I engage differently and see more. Lovely post.

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Thank you! :) I really like these little areas and I try to make sure they are scattered all over. Often I like to make them disappear from a distance--just a large log under a tree for example. But then I'm careful with my plantings so the log remains open for people to sit on. Large rocks work well too :) Thanks for the comment!

Yes I do this too!


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Awesome! What do you use to make yours?

Well, I should probably make a video about it, but usually some sort of wood, right now thats scrap lumber. We also made an Earthbag Bench which we really like.

Nice! I will have to look up earthbag benches. I'm familiar with using earthbags for buildings but I have not seen benches made that way before.

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You are right, nothing can beat natural order, your DIY techniques are fascinating.

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Thank you! :) Really appreciate it!

I like the ideas presented in this post. My yard isn't large enough to make use of most of them, but they're still good ideas.

Thank you! Even a small wood round (like people split for firewood) can make a great sitting spot. I like to tuck them in between shrubs or under a tree.


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Thank you! :) that cake looks good...

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