Ayumi the goat, will she graduate today?

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It has been a week since Dutch Landrace Goat Ayumi joined our goat herd. She was a rambunctious goat with impressive jumping skills. At her old place she escaped all the time or ran away when someone tried to get close to her. My impressions were that with a little training she could fit into our group just fine. How did she turn out?

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When she got here we set three main goals for this goat:

  • Staying in the fence
  • Allowing me to grab her collar
  • Walking with me

If she could do this then she can get along in the daily routine just fine. The first day we ran into some issues with her escaping several times. She went through a gap in the electric fence and even when I upped the spark, she would still get out despite the shock. Part of the problem is her thick coat, that kept a lot of the spark off.
I didn’t really build a proper fence because my goats never try to get out as they are content with the area for the day (rotation gives daily new browse). Besides, my Toggenburgs are very quiet, relaxed goats, I would recommend them as the number one for first time goat owners.
So anyway when I tried to fix the fence I put her into the barn and she jumped out over a door for horses. Dang that goat..

An escaping goat can be pain in the backside, butt (no pun intended)

I knew I had to take this seriously so I started with a small paddock and four rows of wire, set on a decent spark and let her get accustomed to it. I did not see her touch the fence ever but she stayed in. After 24 hours with no escapes we moved her to a bigger area where she could run and play to her heart’s content. This had a solid fence (like one she used to jump at her old place) and I added two wires. She stayed in.

Meanwhile we trained on touching her and walking her. She is a very friendly girl and picked up on the new rules real quick. We took a break on friday since she was so well behaved.

73138927_785742191854535_2436376007461044224_n - Edited.jpg
Ayumi is no. 2 in rank, Shizu still has the throne

Today is her final test. I set up a fence on the same spot she used to get out on the first day. If she stays in or not will mark 50% of her grade.
The other 50% is behaviour and attitude towards humans (the goat part is fine, she is very social with the others).
Later today after the day on pasture is over I will post her final score.
Will she pass or will she fail?

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