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RE: Food Forest Update (First Half of May 2018) - Garden Journal

in #homesteading5 years ago

Great to see your garden flourish, @thelaundrylady.
Due to my health problems, I’m a bit late with everything, but slowly I can see everything growing.
Meanwhile, I love checking how everyone else is doing.


Yes, I remember reading you were having surgery this week. Hope you recover well! Thank you for the idea to keep a garden journal on Steemit! Appreciate you stopping by.

No probs. I’ve been checking out the tag and was pleasantly surprised it is being used by so many people.
I assume I’ll be fit enough again to set up the second edition of the challenge in a day or 10 (I’m not fit enough to do any garden work - for now, my girlfriend is taking care of the work, but I guess taking pics should be doable). Maybe make it bi-monthly afterwards, because everything is growing So fast. :0)

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