What's in Mama's Kitchen? Gourmet Granola. My Original Recipe. Unlike Any Other! Sugar Free!

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I have been making this delicious, super nutritious granola for years and it is unlike any other homemade or store bought.

I was originally turned on to the idea of a similar granola from a book called Eat Fat, Lose Fat, which talks about how certain types of healthy fats in the diet can actually help with weight loss. I have since created my own recipe that our whole family loves.

This granola is made by soaking the oats first, to neutralize phytates and make the nutrients more available and it doesn't have any refined sugar but is rather sweetened with real maple syrup, so it tastes great but it's also very nutritious!

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We like to make a large batch because it keeps very well for a few months in airtight containers. You can cut and divide the recipe as you please.

To make this granola you need:

15 cups organic rolled oats
2 cups of butter
4 cups of yogurt
3 cups of real maple syrup
1 to 3 cups shredded coconut
1 cup powdered cinnamon
1 to 2 cups nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans)
1 to 3 cups dried berries (raisins, blueberries, cranberries)

The first four ingredients are the granola, and the other ingredients are optional. I usually use everything listed for a dynamic and tasty treat!

First you melt the butter on low heat and then blend in the yogurt

Then you will pour this mixture over your oats and mix thoroughly
Make sure you distribute the yogurt/butter mixture evenly over and into all the oats


Then you will cover this container and leave the sit for 12 to 24 hours. The yogurt will help "activate" the oats, or, neutralize the phytates, which all grains have. This will make the finished product easily digestible as well as maximizing the nutritional content of the oats.

When I made granola this week, I did not have any properly prepared nuts. (If you aren't familiar with this please see my blogpost about soaking nuts here)

So I went ahead and soaked my walnuts, with the intention of adding them in to the granola the next day, after the oats had soaked too.


The next day you will mix in the Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Nuts and Coconut to your Oats mixture. (Mix well!)


Once you have it all mixed together, spread onto dehydrator trays to finish in the dehydrator, OR on parchment lined cookie sheets to finish in the oven.

(As you can see I needed to use the bottom trays to dry my nuts separately this time, since I didn't already have the finished nuts to mix in. Normally I would've just had the granola mixture on all the trays.)

If you are using a dehydrator set at 155 degrees and place the lid on. If you are using an oven, set at 155 degrees if your oven goes that low. Most ovens tend to only go to 170, if that is the case, you can place your cookie sheets in the oven at 170, leaving the door cracked open several inches. The granola will usually be done in about 4 to 7 hours. Check it by grabbing a piece and breaking it. It should be dry, but not rock hard, with the the slightest bit of chewiness.


When your granola is finished you can break the pieces apart and add in some dried berries!

This granola keeps for months in airtight containers. It is so forgiving. You can even alter some of the ingredient amounts and still get a great granola. You can try adding in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and even chocolate chips!

You can also substitute coconut oil instead of butter for your soaking. The main thing to stay consistent with is making sure your oats are soaked overnight in the yogurt mixture, and using maple syrup as the sweetener.

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This looks wonderful! And I need to make more granola too, so perfect timing :)


Oh yay!! Glad you liked the recipe!

This. Looks. Amazing.
So much goodness, I love the soaking overnight in yogurt....I need to try this!! Thank you:)


Hi Karen 💜🙏 nice to see you here! This sounds awesomesauce @schoonercreek SO GOOD!! I am curious though about parchment paper. Why, is it useful? Other than easier clean up (which is valuable!) What do you guys think of it?

Kitchen is almost ready for cooking just need to collect a few more ingredients, do a budget, make a plan....steemit 😁20180203_180246.jpg



Yeah, I just recommended it because the granola might stick the the cookie sheet. But I suppose you could try it without it! Thank you!!!


Parchment is a life saver that way!


Awesome thanks guys 🦋 i just wonder about what is used as the paper and wax, and what reactions it has when heated. Have been curious about that for a while and wondered about it. Thanks again!


There are natural kinds you can buy, thats what we get.


Hi @yogajill!! ❤


Thank you!!!

nice... me will definitely try.... @schoonercreek your tips really make sense


Oh! That's good to know. Thank-you 🦋

I will have to add some dark chocolate mini chunks... for color...bahahaha


Hahaha indeed!!! I have also used the larger coconut flakes and I love them, but my kids don't so now I use shredded.

Great post! I personally do not like granola, but I am betting my wife would love this. We will wind up making some I am sure, just not as big a batch! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you!!! I find I make bigger and bigger batches so it will last longer for my hungry little boys, but they seem to just gobble it all up no matter what!

Need to try this it looks lovely x Thanks for sharing x


Thank you!

Wow. So yummy. I believe your suggestion for a chocolate chip works for me @schoonercreek. I love it.

It looks so tasty. Nuts are amazing food for our brain and your daughters development. I will definitely try to prepare this, I'm not good at cooking, but this looks so easy :)


Indeed! Thank you!

Making me hungry 8 }


MMM. me too!!!

That dehydrator looks like a handy tool! I had not seen much about them but am quite interested in finding one that works with my budget down the line. My own granola is something I have been considering since getting away from sugars as well. I would also like to explore savory granolas as well. I have been all about the turmeric lately

We are living off grid in a shipping container while we build our cabin. Then the pigs, chickens and cows are next. Following you for information that will definitely be useful. Thanks 😀