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RE: What You Can Do to Attract Birds to Your Garden

in #homesteading5 years ago

That is SUCH a good point about the "oasis" effect! Honestly I haven't thought of it that way before, but it makes total sense.
I can't attract birds directly to my balcony garden because my cat SNATCHED ONE OUT OF MID-AIR once while sitting out there. Last summer I had a couple of mourning doves take interest in my plant pots for a couple of weeks, but ultimately they moved on to a less-busy location to nest ("busy" meaning me and my two cats). But I am considering guerilla gardening a certain area nearby...

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Lol @phoenixwren guerilla gardens used to be my specialty on the west coast 😉...

@wildhomesteading great stuff mate ! perhaps u can offer some mentoring to me on my aquaponics 🤓

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Thank you for the comment! :) a guerrilla garden would be great! Look up seed balls on google. They can be a great way to get a guerrilla garden started ;)

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Yep, I think I have all I need to make seed bombs! :D

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