Yesterdays harvest from the allotment - Onions, potatoes, carrots, gherkins and cucumbers, golden beetroot

in homesteading •  5 months ago

You can't beat growing your own. If you don't have a garden, why not get an allotment?

if you are in the UK check out your local council. you might be surprised at how cheap they are.
We pay £75 per year (includes water rates) for a decent sized plot.

You get to grow your own, have a garden with somewhere nice to be in the summer and you get meet some great people and be a part of a great community.

Here are some pics of the food i harvested yesterday.

White Onions.


Carrots looking good, these are chantenay so pretty big for that variety.
Theres plenty more to come :-)


2 very big gherkins and a round 'lemon crystal' cucumber

Golden beetroot

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Great looking vegetables! Love those carrots!

wow! you work really hard! it look like delicious!