My Quest For Personal Sovereignty

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Hello Steemit, it's been a while and you as well Partiko, because this is my first post here. Nice to meet you

My decision to return is simply because I believe you'll enjoy following along on my journey. This post has been published elsewhere, so only continue if this doesn't bother you.😀

Now for the Featured Content

My E-bike is nearly done. I just need to build a battery lock box for the front rack, which will house the batteries not in use to distribute the weight on my bike more evenly.

I've built three 36v 9ah 500w batteries myself and purchased another seven, 3 of which are 48v 10ah. The one's I built cost about the same as the purchased one's, but mine are built with top quality 18650's from Sony. I have no idea what brand the one's I purchased use, but I know it wasn't high quality Sony,LG or Panasonic or it would have been mentioned in the description and wasn't.

The 48v batteries will power my 36v controllers just fine and the extra power converts into an extra 3ah's of runtime for my 36v system. The only issue is that the power wire for the throttle cannot handle the extra voltage. I've corrected the problem and will detail it in a future blog.

My trailer is coming along and I plan to have it finished next week. The trailer is built from scratch with 100% repurposed materials. The only purchased items on the trailer will be the Solar Array. The array will be a 48v system and 528 watts.

The content I offer will consist of showing other's how to live minimally, off the land/grid, how to build and install battery system's, solar arrays, identifying and preparing edible plants, small game hunting/cleaning/ preparing, boondocking and how to find good free sites, the hardships and how they affect my psyche both good and bad, how to scavenge for just about any material you may need, photography, Vlogs, whatever other projects I tackle while stopping to help other's build their minimalist dream by finding those asking for help through and so much more.

I'll be using a Canon T7i 800D with Video Creator kit, my LG Fiesta, a Wingland Drone and a couple different cheap action camera's.

This is not just a hobby or an adventure, but a way of life. I'll be living 100% on the road traveling from one free campsite to another, going from state to state with no set direction or itinerary. I'm trying to live as free as possible, using little to no money while attempting to fully sustain my needs through the kindness of others and the environment.

Workaway is a resource where those in need of help, for whatever reason offer room and board in exchange for 25 hours of work a week on average. I will be picky choosing those I volunteer my time too in the hopes of give them maximum benefits from my help. The biggest reward will be the friendships gained.

I am a Jack of many trades like plumbing, basic electrical, carpentry, auto mechanic, some natural building experience, novice permaculture design and much more, some mentioned above, but my most useful skill is as a scavenger. I know where to find what's needed for most anything for free and am good at building tangible items from abstract materials and make a living doing so. My bike trailer is a simple example. I also know how to easily turn trash into cash. Recycling metals and electronics pays well enough for me to make a living.

(Of course Nietzsche will be accompanying me)

I hope you find this of interest and the quantity plus quality of interaction I receive from this post will tell me if this platform is a good home. I can't wait to hear what you think and maybe I'll be stopping by to give you a hand.


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quality of interaction I receive from this post will tell me if this platform is a good home

You've been discovered by OCD, looks like a sign and a pretty good indication of the above :D.......I think blogging about a lifestyle/travel project such as yours will be of interest on the blockchain. I think Steem is a great home for your project (ps: a tip, use the 'palnet' tag and earn some PAL tokens - read more).

All the very best 🔆

@barge, thank you for the well wishes and for stopping by. Most tags like Palnet require you to be a member, which I was at one time, but decided to leave all voting networks. Good bots and bad bots are still bots.😀

Agreed, monetarily it's a successful first post after jumping ship and not originally being posted here, but only 4 real people replied. So, as I feared, bots still control the trending feed.

That being said, I'll dump my posts here, but it won't be where I create them. I am using ten other platforms and waiting for 4 others to go public. So, my content will be on many blockchains, which aren't necessarily permanent, like some think.

I've also just read a little about HF-21 and am not impressed.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you find the perfect host.

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Ha ha, you're not convinced by Palnet (or Steem by the looks of it :). The Palnet 'community' (not the Discord) doesn't require membership, only that 'palnet' be one the tags on your post. As such, Palnet is not a bot but a layer on top of the Steem blockchain which allows autonomy of setup (payout for example is 50-50) but no extra credentials. You've also likely got a claim of PAL tokens on your Steem-engine wallet:

Thanks......I've registered with WWOOF and see that I have lots of choice. First step's always the biggest.

Good luck to you too on your travels.

Gotcha, things have changed a little from a year ago. I'll have to research palnet a little more then. Enjoy your travels, I know you will.

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Dude! I am super stoked about seeing your journey here. I'm starting on a similar journey moving to some land I plan to build on scavenging resources. I would love to get you on my podcast sometime. Its called Meadows and Makers and I try to feature inspirational people like yourself to help others with some positive knowledge on how to become more resilient and self reliant. Its every Saturday from 5-7pm UTC on the PAL discord server Would you be interested to come on as a guest sometime?

Thank you for your excitement and support. I see we are very similar; you are independent, a diy'er, will figure it out yourself, are plain spoken and like to keep it simple. All characteristics I admire.

I'm not very good speaking in front of crowds, but I'd be glad to stop by your show. I only access the internet through my phone and don't know if that will suffice. I do have a good hands-free headset that should work?

It looks like you must have promoted my post quite heavily, because after receiving your vote, the total votes doubled in a very short period of time. If so, I am very appreciative. It also caused me to re-read the blog, seeing a need for further editing, which I took care of.

Next stop to your channel to read up on your move and interact a bit there as well. I'm glad you found me, my friend.

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Oh please do! The topics you mentioned are absolutely amazing, and with time will be essentially important. Would love to read more about it. I was gonna follow you, but it seems like I already do. Welcome back!

Thank you my friend, It's been a while. Are you still on the move yourself these days? Nice to see you again😀

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Haha, I wish I was. No, I'm "back home" in Mexico City. Can't wait for leaving this place again!

i remember that good looking fella!

(talking about Nietzsche of course!) hehehe Looks like a great adventure! Glad to see you back and will enjoy checking in on you! :)

He's not looking bad for being 70 yrs old(in dog years,lol). He turns 10 this month. I plan on having a great adventure, anyway. As for being back? That's up in the air. Steemit may not even be worth it as a post dump. The platform still isn't built to encourage interaction. You should crosspost yourself and get your book published😀 I'll have to check out your other project, it looks quite interesting. Take care.

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Yeah, maybe... I've gone the publishing route before, and I really enjoy the interaction that I get with the reader directly on steem. But, it's for sure not for everyone. Regardless, it was fun catching up with you even for a moment - if you do end up leaving the platform again. 😊

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Nice, I had no idea it was possible to make your own battery-pack I will be following along.

Hello my friend, I'm happy to have grabbed your attention. It is very possible to build any item you may need. I did buy a battery spot welder, which is a great investment if you are using solar. The larger the battery, the more it's worth building yourself. As long as you add a BMS(battery management system), which is the board in the photo, you are good to go.

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Hey, I found your article inspiring, so I mentioned it in this freewrite I just posted.

Thanks, it's much appreciated. If you make it up this way, maybe our paths will cross and I'm not against traveling with a Trybe.😀

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