Homesteading What should I pack for survival gear?

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Let's discuss What tools or gear to pack for survival trek or living. When we are planning to live in the woods or the jungle then we need certain set of tools. And in those cases you have to pack some items. So let's discuss that gear in the knapsack or your survival bag.


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Let's discuss some of the survival gear that you should keep in the bag.

  1. Swiss knife, can be used for cleaning, cutting, food chopping etc.
  2. If you wish to keep food for immediate consumption, you can eat through multi box compartment lunchbox.
  3. You can carry the first aid kit and immediate use items in the knapsack.
  4. If you prefer drinking hot water in winter or rainy days then thermos can be added as well.
  5. If there is no telecom signal in the woods, then carrying compass and map can be a good option.
  6. Granola bars can be a good emergency food.
  7. You can also keep the canned soup as they can survive most of the seasons easily.
  8. Blanket can be handy when you want to keep yourself warm after hours even during the summer or any other season.
  9. To consume the food, a cup and plate is necessary.

As of now list is far from complete. But I am just coming out with those ideas as they come out. I hope you like some of the items here in the list let me know if there are any additional items that you should add.

I hope you like this post. Do let me know in the comments your opinion on my content.


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