Homesteading How many uses of salt are there?

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Let's discuss uses of salt in everyday life. We all make use of the salt in our everyday life in one way or the other. Each culture has it's own salt usage. So it's lot different to find same usage across multiple culture. In any case, let's check out some of the commonly found salt and it's usages.


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Table Salt
Most of the cultures make use of the tablet salt for iodine supplement in their food and the medicinal use. It is being used in most of the food and the dehydration process.

Pink Salt
It's from Himalaya and it's in pure form. It's often used in the salt lamp. Some even use Himalaya pink salt in spa and the body massage. Most of the people also use it for dehydration and processed foods.

Sea Salt
Though most of the table salt is form of processed sea salt. But the sea salt in it's raw form is with thick crystals and requires processing. However some cultures and some people make use of them in everyday food and utility usages. Many farmers use this to kill some insects and worms in the farm.

Black Salt
Here this salt has a lot of sulfur content and it's often not used for the food dishes. But black salt is used to keep the germs and bacteria away from the food. Some even use it in the gelatin storage places to keep the bacteria away which affect the storage process.

These are some of the common salt and their respective usage. I hope this information helps you to make use of the salt depending on your needs.

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