Homesteading Essential Kitchen Tools to Keep at Home

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Let's discuss essential kitchen tools to keep at home. There seems to be a lot confusion on which tool can be good for the homesteading and which should not be or required. So here are some of my suggestion on what to keep at home and what you can do away with.

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Here are some of my selections for the kitchen tools that you can keep at home.

  1. Crockpot: When you want to make a lot of meals and items from scratch. A lot of recipes can be made using the crockpot. I'd recommend having this at minimum in the kitchen.
  2. Pressure Canner: When you want to store the items for longer, then pressure canner can be definitely be useful. If you live in snow dominated area then this is even more important.
  3. Tupperware: There are some of the boxes and lunch box, that can be used for storing the food items. I think it can be good for storing food and also for kids lunch etc.
  4. Dutch oven : When you want to make off grid food in woods or the jungle, then the dutch oven is very handy. You can use it both at home and also in outdoor.
  5. Blender: When you want to create smoothies or paste with fruits and the vegetables. This is very handy tool for the kitchen.
  6. Knives: You should keep varying amount of the knives depending on what you want to cut. Like meat cutting and the vegetable cutting etc.
  7. Mixer: I don't even need to mention why we should have this at home. And the vegetables, herbs and other items can be used in the mixer in that case.
  8. Cooker: Rice and the beans are worth cooking especially with cooker. I don't prefer any other tool than cooker for boiling.

These are some of the tools that I prefer for keeping them in kitchen for cooking and other food making.

I hope you like this post. Do let me know in the comments your opinion on my content.


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