Making Mozzarella in 30 Minutes! - From RAW MILK or STORE BOUGHT

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Every week we are getting 4-8 gallons of milk that is being used in all kinds of ways. Of course you can drink the milk but we are also making cheese on a pretty regular basis. We have been making butter, cottage cheese, farmers cheese, yogurt, and even sour cream. But our favorite is by far the mozzarella. That cheese, along with An American Homestead smoked salt is simply amazing!

About 3 months ago, you may remember our posting about us receiving the Artisan Cheese Making Kit from Midwest Brewing. It came with everything you needed to make your first homemade mozzarella. Jaimie will make 2 pound batches at a time and it takes only about 30 minutes.


Since then we have been making Mozzarella about twice a week or sometimes more. We've moved beyond the kit now to buying our Rennet in bigger bottles. Here is a recent video with Jaimie in the kitchen making our cheese. All instructions are included.


If you have any questions about the process, go ahead and leave it below and we will try and help. This is a very simple recipe and it can be done with either raw milk or store bought whole milk. Non-homogenized milk would be preferred if using store bought.


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That looks really good. All that cream at the top of the milk... precious! I bet raw milk makes excellent mozzarella cheese. @ironshield


This cheese is my favorite!

This is great. Had seen lots of your older post but it has been awhile since I seen any new ones from you. Was worried you dropped off into the Steemit black hole of inactive accounts. Look forward to seeing more of these.


Yeah, we have been really busy with spring around here and Steemit had to take a back seat. I'd really wish that Steemit would come out of Beta and get their signup fixed.

You made this look so easy, Jamie! I need a supply of whole milk as most of the milk here is ultra-pasteurised for extremely long shelve life. Yuck. So perhaps I need a goat? Do you use goat milk for cheese?


We've never used goat milk for cheese but many people do. You can use pasteurised but see if you can get non-homogenized milk.


We have goats and I've only ever made cheese the goats milk. I have found that raw is way better. In fact pasturisation brings out the really goatie flavour and doesn't extend the shelf life. Preservatives will do that (which I refuse to use). I'm impressed with your quick mozarella. Mine takes ALL day. But it is so yummy

Jaimie looks great! Kudos to her for overcoming her fears of the cheese making process. A really useful and informative video.


Always trying new things!

Good job! I love cheese!!!

Looks good, this is my most favorite cheese!

Confession... I did not have time to watch the video. But cheese making is awesome! I also love a good mozza. We are fans of raw milk here too but does it get hot enough in the cheese making process to deactivate all of the goodness? -Aimee

Wonderful! I really want to try that cheese now! 😍
Your kitchen is so cute! I just love it!

I enjoyed watching your video. I had no idea how you were going to make the cheese. It reminded me of my grandmother who used to churn butter while sitting on her back porch. Nothing purchased in the store tastes as good as fresh butter. I can only imagine how good your cheese tastes. Thanks for sharing.