Hanging With Papa at Shalom Acres - LADY BUG ATTACK

in homesteading •  10 months ago

Tomorrow is going to be a tremendous day! I will be joining a few other steemians in butchering a homestead meat cow. Winter is the best and most traditional time for homestead meat production. Curing and preserving meat has always been a winter time activity. Mostly because the cold weather prevents fast spoilage. Also bugs are non-existant in the winter.

Here is @shalomacres. We just finished dinner.

@papa-pepper standing by.

@randomstuff will be on hand to help tomorrow as well.

According to @papa-pepper, I'm going to be holding the head and he will be running the chainsaw. But we shall see. You'll have to come back tomorrow and see how it all goes.

So while we were all sitting around the table, a ladybug showed up.

BANG! No more lady bug. Actually, it's an Asian beetle.

Again, stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow as Steemit puts burger in the freezer.

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Asian beetles! I have had enough of those after the explosion of them on the homestead during the last warm spike of fall. And they are STILL hanging around in the house (I find new ones every day).

Sounds like it will be a good time for you all. Some neat people all hanging out together. Hope you get a lot of good meat!

Oh the humanity! Er... buganity! He was crushed under the might of man's fist! @ironshield

I can't wait to see how this goes!

Sounds like it is a mini steemian meet up going on!

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Do you know the name of that variety of beetle. We dont get them over here. What kibd of effect do they have?

Looking forward to seeing the pics! I’d advise not using a chainsaw...

I’m very much looking forward to the update on this! Also, you left an important detail out—what was for dinner? ;)

Definitely looking forward to the show. Y’all have fun and enjoy.

Loud and clear. There is force.

Have a good cowfest. Glad you got this bug as it's starting to invade here in the UK. Our little ladybird (ladybug) is pretty a red with black spots and we adore them.Happy Homesteading!