Baby Chick

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Yesterday, I was in the middle of my Yoga session on the back veranda when I heard my dog making a lot of noise. I opened my eyes to see what the ruckus was all about and saw that she had something in her mouth.
Boya, my Minpin, is a hunter and will catch mice, rats, and gophers.
But when she let go, her catch turned out to be a baby chick.
Now, the chicken screaming her head off on the deck made a lot of sense.
I screamed too. for her to stop and run to rescue the little cutie.
With the chick in hand, I ushered the dogs inside and looked them up. The baby chick was screaming for her mom.
Yes, lots of screaming going on at that time!!!
In the picture, I am bringing the baby to her mom.
More in another post...

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Oh wow! Will it survive? I've heard birds and dog slobber are potentially deadly. Course, come to think of it, the person who told me was given to dramatic exaggeration.

If it makes you feel better, my dogs killed a groundhog today! I know it will make our landlord happy. One of the top reasons an old barn falls is groundhogs tunneling under the foundation stones, provided the barn was built in a sturdy fashion to begin with.

So far, so good. It is a full day later and she seems to be fine. Mommy is doing a good job.

Awesome awesome!

Wow that's brutal! Poor pup probably thought she was doing such a great job too. Glad the chick is ok so far!!

Thank you!! Me too...

Aww I'm so happy that you rescued this little chick! Poor thing! I'd be screaming, too. That screaming saved its life.

Probably - it made me feel like I am doing something...

You must have quite a collection of animals then? I followed a link through one of your posts to another platform called Sola, not sure how it works but looks interesting!

Thank you!! I was trying to put a tutorial together today - but haven't gotten to it yet. I will drop the link as soon as I have it together. Posting is much faster than here and you are encouraged to share articles and such as well.
I have 2 dogs, 13 hens, 1 baby and one sitting on a bunch of eggs, and one rooster. Also hundreds of mealworms lol.
The rest are wild ones. Tons of birds, a squirrel, rodents and what else hangs out in a garden. We do get possums and raccoons. And an occasional fox and coyote .

That's quite a menagerie! Where I live we technically don't own any animals, but being placed next to the woods we are surrounded by many kinds of birds, rats, and cats.

Look forward to your tutorial, this whole content creator thing just keeps getting more complex 😂

That is for sure. Each platform is different. Didn't get to it today since it was the last day to enter a photo contest I like to participate in...
Let's root for tomorrow.

is it still alive?!?! what a cliff hanger!!!

So far - so good. I will report back to you tomorrow :)

My fingers are crossed for the poor little guy! Reminds me of a time my cat chased a baby bunny around my front yard...and my dad chased the cat to stop chasing the bunny. All three ended up going in circles for a few minutes. It was really funny and upsetting at the same time. The cat got the bunny, and we all started screaming but then my dad got the cat and all was OK. At least he told me it was OK....

How old were you? That will tell us which ok we are talking about lol

Less than 10. Excuse me while I go cry for the baby bunny. LOL.



is she ok ? :(

Seems to be. I hope she will make it. It has been over 24 hours since I found her...

I am glad poor baby :(

Oh! What a cute little handful of fluff! 💖

The first days of their life, chicks are the cutest thing!! But watch out if they turn into teenage roosters!!