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RE: Buying Asparagus, Sunchokes, Groundnuts With Steem! | My Experience with Steem.Cards

I've been considering a Visa Bitpay card - have you looked into/ heard anything about those?? On a side note, I love seeing people buy stuff with this "fake monopoly money" ;)


haha! ;) me too! Ini kept wanting to take some money out cuz I think he was having a hard time "believing in it" too... to me, it's all the same as the magical Visa card that "carries your money on it too" lol... except cryptos, as we're seeing in this massive blood bath, can really decrease in value quite quickly. Haven't heard of the Visa Bitpay card- i'll research it. If you get one, perhaps make a post? XO

ooooh just a quick google and i'm intrigued!! thanks for the heads up.. This looks super-fast and efficient!

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