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Anyone ever saw a hornets nest this big before? Its the biggest I've ever saw.
It's at my Moms on the side of an old house trailor.


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I ran away from like two wasps that surprised me at work the other day. I'm not going anywhere near that thing! LOL

Oh my! I would be worried if that was hanging on my house! 🙀

When I saw this I instinctively went looking for my epipen... many hornets inside

What is protocol for removing a nest this large??? I imagine that is exactly why it's still there!

Oh no, that could hurt a lot if anyone gets stung! Hope you can safely get rid of it. 😃

no one wants to get near😀

😂Understandable, I wouldn't want to either!

if it is not hurting anyone, let it be.
what a tremendous amount of energy those wonderful creatures have expended.

I'd just move lol

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With something that big, they might be inside too.


Wow, that is huge. Awesome picture @iamkunaning. Followed and upvoted.

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