Time to freshen up some garden bed

in homesteading •  6 months ago

It's time for us to turn over 7 garden beds. These garden beds will be used for fall and early winter crops. Plants like lettuces, kale, carrots, beets, radishes and sugar snap peas.

The first step we took in turning over and freshening up the garden beds was to remove all the plants, weeds and grass from the beds. A very quick way to accomplish this task is by using a push mower. Put the push mower on its lowest setting and close the hole the grass shoots out of. By closing the whole the mower mulch everything in place.

After we have the garden beds cleared of plants and weeds our next step is to add a layer of hay. The hay is going to help freshen up our garden beds. When I say "freshen up" I mean add nutrients back to the soil that the plants have taken to be able to grow.

The hay adds nutrients to the soil by feeding the insects, microbial life and earthworms as it breaks down. When you feed the earthworm's, microbial life and insects they in turn will leave behind nutrient-rich poo for your plants to feed off of.

The thick layer of hay will also help keep the weeds away. Makes it very easy to plug transplants in the ground also. Just make a hole in the hay and the ground and plant the transplant.

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