Earthship Chronicles eBook by @eco-alex - Making this world a better place

I am honored that @eco-alex has joined Homesteaders Co-op as a vendor. He has added so much value to the steem blockchain and in his communities offline as well. Alex has brought his book to our marketplace which chronicles his adventure in creating his own Earthship. He shares his knowledge and lessons learned about natural building and living self-sufficiently.

It is quite fitting that @eco-alex is selling Earthship Chronicles in Homesteaders Co-op, because he is helping empower people to be more self sufficient, resilient and re-connecting with their natural environment through their living space.

@eco-alex is also the founder of @ecoTrain, a Steem Community dedicated to making the world a better place through positive actions, sharing knowledge, inspiring others via a weekly online Magazine. You can learn more about ecoTrain here.

@eco-alex now accepts STEEM, SBD and USD for Earthship Chronicles


In his own words (borrowed from their Homesteaders Co-op store):

The magical tale of a man who self built his self sufficient luxurious earthship home with no experience or training.

If you are thinking about one day building your own eco-home or want to live off-grid and be self-sufficient, then this book is written for you! Welcome to the start of this journey and sharing.

This Book is about many things. It is a fantastic learning opportunity as I explain the most important concepts and ideas you need to know so you can understand how Earthship Biotecture works, and how Earthships are able to perform so well with little to no maintenance or bills. I also cover the thoughts and considerations that I had to make whilst building Earthship Karuna; including the technical aspects of building with my own pictures and of course many wonderful stories!

I share what I have learned through my own experiences of eco-building. I have learned a lot during my first and subsequent builds and will offer you my best advice and ideas for you to be able to fulfil your eco-building dreams. Anyone who has embarked on the journey of self-building will know that it is a long and often challenging journey. Whilst it may not be easy, it has taken me on a new path that has gifted me with so many things, not least real security and a truly comfortable home and lifestyle for a lifetime!

As this story unfolds, you will come to know that living in an Earthship or self-sufficient home is about many things. It is not just an ethical choice or a building type choice, it is also a lifestyle choice. When you start to live off-grid, and self-sufficiently, you embark on a break out from the matrix/zeitgeist. You start to unplug yourself from the normal, dependent, vulnerable, and highly controlled way of life that many people are used to in cities and highly developed countries. When you are truly self-sufficient and out of debt you take away some of the main sources of stress: buying food, paying the bills, covering the mortgage or rent, and needing to work full-time to allow this to continue. We can also look at environmental issues and great need to build smarter and in a more connected way, especially in the face of climate change. Our global population is rising and with it the poverty level and inequality of wealth in all forms. To compound this issue, the cost of living is also hurtling up! We are moving toward a very unsafe and unsustainable future if we continue to build and live in the same way that we have been doing.

You can browse @eco-alex's products at: Alex Leor's Homesteaders Co-op Store

@eco-alex is based out of United Kingdom and his eBook can be downloaded anywhere! (Homesteaders Co-op is an international marketplace)



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Welcome to the Vendors group @eco-alex, glad to have you on board!

This book sounds very interesting... were I not past my prime, I would love to have participated in such a journey, now I settle for being as self-sustainable and eco-friendly in as many other ways as possible!

I think I saw your book somewhere. Earthships are amazing. Where did you build yours and how did you get permits?


they are amazing, if done right! ;-) I ended up building and settling in the mountains of India,, in a small community and guest house on the travellers trails.. Very remote, but we are off-grid and making it work.

The joy of building here is..

  1. its SO much cheaper than most parts of the world
  2. I never had to pass or get any permits whatsoever. I never had a single visit from any official questioning what i am doing,. It is very rural and simple here so the normal rules are more or less irrelevent here. most farmers homes would fail any test here! I did have to register it though, of course, and that that was about $300..

i think by now most countries have passed at least one earthship. There was a build that just finished in Japan, and so that is encouraging.. if JApan approved it! Also the UK has a few now, France, Germany, Holland, and many states in the USA.. The challenge really i think is good communication with officials and a friendly and respectful nature. Back in 2001 we got not only government approval, but they also voted in favour of donating land to build on in a protected area no less..


I love countries that are relaxed with building codes. I mean people need shelter and governments are wrong to deny that basic right to people.

I understand that in densely populated areas safety is an issue but Earthships are solid as a rock.


actually they are more solid than a rock! ;-) for real! it really seems once you get OUT the cities in most countries things seem to chill out a bit.. i cant fathom why people want to live in really massive cities.. but i guess we just get used to WHATEVER situation we are in!

thank for the shout out!! <3

Loving it!

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