This Agriculture School in Italy Teaches Children How to Raise Chickens

in homesteading •  2 months ago

Catherine takes us on a tour of the chicken and fowl operation at a Northern Italy Agriculture school for children in middle and high school.

The students are taught how to live off the land, including care for chickens, cattle, orchards, and more.

In depth interviews in Italian will be posted in the future!

The school is called Scuole Salesiane Lombriascoand they can be found online here:

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I find it very interesting, I also dedicate myself to raising chickens in my country and I try as much as possible for my daughter to learn about this subject, it is very educational hugs ..


It is a good and running business

This is really awesome. I wish more schools would teach hands on practical things like this, that let kids actually learn to do things and see the rewards, instead of just learning in a classroom.